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Thursday, April 2nd 2009

12:05 AM (2675 days, 14h, 33min ago)

Last minute trip.

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Traveling is on my all-time priority list! The usual thing is before we travel, we make sure that everything is in place and will go according to the plan. But have you tried packing on the night before the trip without any plans? I did experienced it before and boy it was so funny. That trip was really spontaneous! This coming June, we'll head to Cebu and Bohol and we've already booked for cheap flights via Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines.

I've got a long list of "future places to visit" and so far I haven't crossed out any international place. Mostly are domestic and within the Philippines only. Last year, Bryan and I planned going to a trip in Singapore via Singapore Airlines but sadly it didn't push through. Australia is also included in my list. I saw the pictures from my aunt's recent visit in Australia. She has been to Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Natinal Park, and so much more. So if ever you'll experience last minute planning, and say, you're heading to Australia, don't forget to drop by Last Minute's website. It's more user-friendly and it has almost everything in it - last minute flights and last minute accomodations. Remember that things unplanned can go smoothly well sometimes. Enjoy, guys!
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Wednesday, April 1st 2009

10:53 PM (2675 days, 15h, 45min ago)


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I LOVE FOOD! Who doesn't anyway?

I know I'm into light diet these days because it's summer time again. And I need to fit into my bikinis and clothes to look young, vibrant and sexy.

But last weekend, I had an argument in my head whether to indulge myself into sweets or not. The result is, Mushu and I ended up eating desserts anyway. Ha! So much for my diet. It's a craving... which one can't surely resist. It's not bad to give way to your cravings, right? Now here are the pictures.. beware!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Have a great week ahead!
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Wednesday, April 1st 2009

9:22 AM (2676 days, 5h, 16min ago)

Camping somewhere out there.

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I have experienced camping in the woods with my guy friends and some other strangers last November 2008, when we went to Anawangin Cove. But have you thought about camping in another place? Say, another country? I have a long list of plans ahead of me, which includes traveling of course! Yay! Think I'm gonna conquer the world? Nah. I'm just doing the things I love to do.

A friend told me her recent experience on Gettysburg camping. She went out with her friends and she said it was fun. I was a bit envy. lol. So I told myself I'd experience it, too, someday but not camping in a tent. Instead, I'd prefer an rv camping Gettysburg! It may be expensive but at least it's a different outdoor experience. PA rv camping in Gettysburg, particularly, can give total comfort while having fun with my family and friends. It's like bringing your home some place. Surely, it will give 100% laid back vacation. Oohh, I'm excited already.
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Sunday, March 29th 2009

10:04 PM (2678 days, 16h, 34min ago)

Thinking about Alaska.

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Have it ever crossed your mind to travel Alaska someday? Whenever I hear of this country, ice cold freezing place suddenly pops into my head. And then, I did my little research on this place and found out that they do have summer, too! Yay! The most likely starting points for summer visits to Alaska are Anchorage,Seward, Juneau or Fairbanks. Major air carriers fly in to Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks. Cruise ships make stops in Juneau and in Seward. Now it only means that Alaska can be explored through air or water. Coolness! 

They have huge museums, zoo, Imaginarium (which is a science center where you can do the actual science), parks (like Denali Park, a national state park that offers a lot of activities), and churches. Now one thing that makes me feel amazed are the churches' structures. I love gazing at the altar, too, because it looks solemn and peaceful. Now thinking of it makes me want to go there someday. For now, I have to add "Alaska travel" to my list. And now, I'm getting giddy at the thought of it!
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Thursday, March 19th 2009

5:10 AM (2689 days, 9h, 28min ago)

Dinner with a twist!

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And so I had a facial last Friday and boy, my face was really RED. I decided to go home right then but my friends insisted on going out and having a dinner in Madrigal. They eventually persuaded and I gave up on them. I can't resist my good friends!

We ate in a Japanese restaurant. It was a bit pricey but overall, the food is yummy. Plus the ambience is great, and the service is really good. They always attend to our needs and demands. As we waited for our bill, I noticed a very pretty art piece hanging on the wall.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And I want one, too! I will improvise something similar to this. Ha!

 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Here's a closer look to one of the canvasses on top. But this one's the bottom canvass. Some part of it are embossed, and it looks so feminine. It suits my taste!

I think I saw 2 more art pieces similar to the one I've posted. Of course, the designs are different but this one is the prettiest of them all. And so I took its picture! I hope you enjoyed the photo!
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